The Reports of My Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated: I’m Back!

No bears, no mountains, no terrible accident, just a hiatus and a return!

I realize to my loyal readers and my fans that i’ve been absent for a long time from the blogosphere, and after working on several other projects, i’m returning here and continuing sharing and inspiring adventures! After Rainier I took an extended hiatus in order to concentrate on writing for several other publications who have been more than generous in their support for my travels and my adventures, and I would only like to continue sharing my passion for travel and for the outdoors in the place where I have had the pleasure of meeting and sharing ideas with fellow adventurers and dreamers. In the past summer I took a fantastic weeklong trip to climb in Fayetteville, West Virginia, i’ve been continuing to climb, explore my possibilities, and continue of imagining travel far and beyond.

While I continue to re-imagine Mike Off The Map and get back to writing here, I offer you some of the other pieces that i’ve been working on for the excellent Seattle Backpackers Magazine, and for the Pocket Ranger Blog, both to whom I owe my deepest thanks for allowing me to spread my passion for adventure with a grander audience. I thank all the people who read my site for the continued support while i’ve been gone and i’d also like to thank the awesome Ames (who runs the tremendously uplifting A Dose of Good blog) for nominating me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award!

Stay tuned for some very exciting stories!

The Ghorepani Trek – A Passage through the Annapurnas of Nepal’s central region – courtesy of Seattle Backpackers Magazine

Part I and Part II of my three part series on trekking to Everest Base Camp, Part III coming soon! – courtesy of Seattle Backpackers Magazine

Discovering one of Florida’s ONLY Natural climbing areas – Blowing Rocks Preserve – courtesy of Pocket Ranger

A tour through Shark Valley, the edge of the Everglades – courtesy of Pocket Ranger

Climbing at New River Gorge, West Virginia, full story coming soon here! – courtesy of Pocket Ranger

Lot’s more to watch out for, good to be back!

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