An Update and the Reveal of My Future Plans

Mike Off the Map has gone quiet. Too quiet – and to my fans I apologize for the long wait in between updates. So what’s been going on? There’s been a long period of activity, projects for other sites, planning and executing trips and adventures, and I had little time to get back to my own place and my own site and talk to those who support me most, the people who have been here and stayed faithful to my blog and supported my adventures. So there’s a lot more coming now and some big plans ahead. It’s time to talk about the future.

Lets start with the big news: I’m leaving Miami. After a much needed and eye opening trip to the Northwest, i’ve realized my ambitions are much higher than what I could be offered on this side of the country. I recently spent ten days sojourning through Anchorage, Alaska and Seattle, Washington and I fell in love with the Emerald City. As such I’ve decided officially that I intend to make my home between the Cascades and the Olympics and take my climbing to an even higher degree than the Southeast. My ultimate goal at the moment would be to make another attempt on Mt. Rainier, but for now the idea would be to settle down and find the climbing community where I could continue to practice my sport seriously.

Does this mean that the Florida adventures are over before then? Absolutely not. I’m planning another trip to the Everglades to make one more pass in the backcountry, and I am also going to continue to train in the gym until the departure date which hasn’t been set in stone yet. I am going to continue to promote the Southeast as an adventure destination and I haven’t completely abandoned thinking about the natural beauty that we are so fortunate to have down here.

The future of Mike Off the Map? It’s not going anywhere. I still intend to make the site grow even though I haven’t had the opportunity to keep updating it recently due to my other projects. Still I’d like to return to my original intentions here, which is inspiring others to adopt an adventurous and outdoor lifestyle and going beyond their comfort zone searching for the best that life has to offer.

Again I’d like to apologize for the long waits in between posts and there’s plenty of adventures to be coming. So stay tuned and get excited!

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