Coming Together: Seattle So Far


I’m finally back, and I finally re-found the motivation to give this site the attention that it deserves. Admittedly the last few weeks have not yielded my most productive blogging time, and the transition from Miami to Seattle has had it’s rough patches. Things are starting to clear up and I don’t have any excuses anymore. With the weather starting to warm, the tree outside my window sprouting the spring blooms, and the majestic peaks that I can see from my window in full view, i’m ready to fulfill every reason why I came here. Ready to start exploring, ready to get outside, and ready to climb again. So this post is going to be a little more off the cuff than usual: half apology, half confession, half manifesto. I have a lot of ideas in my head, and it’s time to start putting them to work.

For those who hadn’t heard, on January 24th I moved from Miami to Seattle hoping to start a new life where I was going to spend more time outside, and be able to develop as an outdoorsman and a climber. I had an idyllic vision in my head of finding a home, getting a job in the outdoor industry that’s become my passion, and becoming a part of a community of explorers and adventurers that had fueled my dreams since childhood. Finding a house and finding the community was easy. I’ve met some fantastic people here who have guided me to the kind of crowd that I’d want to be traveling with and I’ve been happily able to connect with the local climbing community. I live in a beautiful multi-cultural house of Saudi, Chinese, Ethiopian, and American, with a group of exchange students where there are a myriad of smells coming from the kitchen. It seems that one can identify who is in the kitchen simply by the wafts of exotic spice, curry, garlic, or black bean sauce. I had met two of my objectives, so I began to believe that this transition was going to be easier than I thought. Until I started looking at my prospective job opportunities.

It was almost too perfect. It was in the outdoor industry, it was close to home, within my skill level, and fantastic benefits. I held my breath for weeks hoping for the call back and when it finally came, it felt like things were finally going to come together. Well life has a way of pulling the rug out from under your feet and when I fell, I hit the ground pretty hard. After one delay after another on their part, my “interview” consisted of a half hearted apology for the delays and then telling me that the company was going with another candidate. It snapped reality back into this whole experience and after a day of trying to figure things out again, I found myself resisting the urge to accept any position in pure panic. I didn’t come out here for that.

But things do clear, and like the rain ended just in time for Spring, and people start to get excited about going outside again, I rethought things and I remembered why I came here. I wanted to travel, to write, and to document adventures with the fervor that I had before. That’s where my circle has come to now. On the clearest days I can see Rainier looming over the landscape, the peak that first inspired me to make this change. Our climbing group has our first trip set for Vantage next month and i’ve been able to meet people who are just as ambitious and driven as I am not just to climb, but to take it as far as it’s willing to go. So I re found my inspiration and the want to write and document. Unfortunately my camera was lost, whether misplaced or stolen but i’m working on replacing that as well.

Ultimately I want to continue inspiring and promoting the outdoor lifestyle. Pushing through mental and physical boundaries to find places of extraordinary beauty. I want to continue to pursue mutual cultural understanding, and I’ve found a diverse and colorful community of nations out here, teaching, learning from each other, sharing food, wisdom, jokes, music, and friendship. A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of taking a Persian cooking class and taking a Dim Sum making class for my birthday. I’m ready to start exploring again, i’m ready to start climbing again, and i’m ready to start writing again. I really think this is the beginning of something a lot bigger.

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