My Birthday Wish: How You Can Make It Happen


Yesterday I celebrated my 27th birthday. It was the first day where I was able to walk around and properly explore my new city. Although I wasn’t able to get any hiking or climbing in just yet, I treated myself to learning to make Dim Sum, enjoying a cappuccino in my favorite cafe, and enjoying the sunny and cloudless weather. Despite not knowing many people, yesterday was as perfect as could be. So with that, I also bought myself a new camera. I can go back to photographing, exploring and taking a documentation of the every day.


I can say i’m truly in love with the city. It is always bright, vibrant, interesting, and fun. I’ve been able to meet with the hiking and climbing community here and have met some truly inspiring people. There is an awesome cultural diversity here. I’ve met people from all over and tried more new and different food than ever before. I take stock in the simple pleasures here: Walking down by the wharf and watching boats, taking note of being surrounded by the Olympics and the Cascades, and enjoying a bustling marketplace.


I just want to thank everyone from around the world for their wishes. From Australia to Italy, to the USA, I had good friends coming in from everywhere. So now that my celebration is over, it’s time to start the party. So what i’m asking is a very simple wish that i’d like to see happen for my birthday.

Get outside.

When I started this site. My intention was to inspire an outdoor lifestyle. To enjoy a park, a trail, a hike, the ocean, and to do so while testing oneself physically and mentally. So all that I would ask is to find a trail, take a kayak and hit the water, go biking down in the Everglades, if you’re still in the snow, then get out and go hit the hills. Document everything. Find stories, pictures, good memories, and enjoy these places that we’re so fortunate to have. I’m not saying that people should be hoofing their way up Denali, but enjoy an afternoon under the canopy of the Everglades or on the water of Biscayne Bay. The only requirement is that it is something active and someplace memorable.


Enjoy the smallest details: the sound far off from the city, a sunset over the bay, the quiet of being alone in the mountains, it makes for realizing how grandiose the world is and how small people really are. Document, write, take pictures, collect stories, and tell people about adventure, about going out to some far place and having a great time with great friends.

So for my birthday, my only wish is for others to get outside.

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