25 Adventurers, 1 Special Cause: Our Next Project Is Special


In a couple weeks, 25 young adventurers, hikers, climbers, and outdoor lovers will take part in an extraordinary project to raise funds for Epic Experience, a camp in Colorado that provides outdoor experiences to inspire and empower cancer fighters and survivors. Each of us have been tasked with taking on a daring and audacious project known as #Adventure4Life. The goal of this project is to raise $25,000 with every cent going towards the camp. Each adventurer will raise $1,000 through their own unique project which ranges from hikers to kayakers and climbers demonstrating the best of their abilities.

On July 16th, my climbing partner Ivan and I will be heading into the North Cascades to make an attempt on Forbidden Peak, one of North America’s classic routes. This marks a tremendous step in our climbing careers, as it represents the long awaited start into alpine climbing, the style which i’ve dreamed about ever since I moved to Seattle. When my friend Lauren, who runs Outdoor Minded Mag asked me about the initiative, there was no hesitation and I accepted immediately. I can say both of us are extremely honored to be part of this incredible experience.

So here’s how i’m getting my readers in on the mix. My team is looking to raise $1,000. It’s going to fund a session for a cancer fighter or survivor and will provide the camp lodging, transportation, food, and adventure for the participant. In the next few weeks, you’re going to see some incredible individuals complete amazing feats of athleticism and outdoor experiences. I invite my readers not to only cheer on my team but the others as well. For us, this is a lifelong dream being fulfilled, and we’re honored that we get to share this adventure and inspire those who need it.

Check out our team page (and donation site) here

Check out some of the awesome team projects here

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