Dealing With Knee Pain

For the last three months I’ve been dealing with often debilitating knee pain after hikes. It happened in October after coming off of Gothic Basin and it happened again two weeks ago at Rattlesnake Ledge. The uphill for me is always the easiest as I’m putting less pressure on my joints, but after the break, it would […]

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Protecting Petroglyphs

A few weeks ago, a group of hikers and adventurers through Twitter had a chat about some of the biggest problems that were facing public lands. Among the issues of not having enough money or having enough volunteers, a very underreported problem arose. The destruction and defacing of ancient Petroglyphs. The Petroglyphs are pieces of […]

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Starting The Year In Uphill

The echo of my steps reverberated across the trail. I’ve never been able to take running seriously but today I had a steady rhythm, a great pace, arms loose, counting each breath, every single thought of the last few days racing through my mind, and somehow today I was an expert. I broke out of the forest […]

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