I’m A North Face Ambassador!


It started off with a mysterious e-mail.

I had been chosen between a handful of excellent bloggers as being an outdoor influencer. Someone who has an important voice in the community and lives an outdoor lifestyle that inspires exploration and challenge. The company that was seeking me to represent them is The North Face, one of the most respected brands in the outdoor industry, and the one that I have always admired, not only for their equipment, but for their expeditions, their films, and their athlete team.

I get to represent the company by writing reviews, trying gear, going to special events as a VIP Guest, holding contests, and continuing my work to inspire people to explore and go beyond limits. I get to be part of a team of runners, climbers, triathletes, and hikers as we document adventures through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.

This is a significant moment in my writing career, as it’s a partner to my brand that I couldn’t be prouder to represent. I get to inspire a wider audience, I get to work with some great industry professionals, and I get to represent a brand that doesn’t only emphasize great outdoor-wear but the want to use it per their motto: Never Stop Exploring.

So I need to thank The North Face for this extraordinary opportunity and it’s time to get outside, starting with my trip back to Rainier this weekend.


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