#2DaysInSeattle: Seattle Has Issued A Challenge – I’m Taking It.


I’ve been challenged before. By friends, family, coworkers, and by myself. But when my city issues me a challenge, then I have to take it up. Every challenge is the same: Take an idea that you’ve never tried before, go out, accomplish it, and document the results. This week I was contacted by the folks over at Visit Seattle, the organization that champions Seattle tourism. Every year they invite different groups of people: coffee fans, foodies, and outdoor enthusiasts to the PNW to see Seattle and document their adventures through social media.

This year they had a new plan: Hand it over to the locals. That’s where we come in.

So what’s this all about?

I was invited, along with 15 other individuals, to explore Seattle in a new way, do something we’ve never tried, and document the adventure through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The only “rule” (loosely defined) is I can’t do anything that I’m particularly good at, so no climbing and no hiking. It has to be a brand new adventure, where I’m not restricted in any way, and I can plan as I please. Visit Seattle kindly provided me some aid, as well as a Sasquatch-adorned bag and a water bottle to go out and see the best of the city throughout the fall, a season that is particularly underrated when people think of Washington.


Our adventures are being mapped on 2DaysInSeattle.com where not only are there Tweets, Check-Ins, and Instagrams, but also Seattle seen from the non-touristy side. The hidden places that only the locals know about. I want to show Seattle as a city that’s more than Pike Market and the Space Needle. A city that’s clean, innovative, friendly, and walkable. I have a plan set that’s going to look over Seattle from a brand new perch, in a way that I’ve never tried before, and it might just change my perspective on how I travel.

With a crisp, colorful, fall appearance, we aim show how gorgeous the city really is, how pedestrian friendly it is, and what makes Seattle such an exciting destination.

Check out my adventures here:




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