Mike Off The Map

I’ve decided to take an extended break away from blogging. I don’t know when or if I’ll be returning to Mike Off The Map as a blog, but I’ve decided that the site has accomplished the personal goals that I had laid out when I started nearly four years ago, and to continue the blog at this point wouldn’t reach the standard of quality that I set for myself. Lately, I’ve found myself inspired by other people and other stories, which I would consider selfish not to explore. While I initially started the blog to talk about my own experiences and travels, I’ve found that I get more pleasure in helping make a difference in other people by bringing their stories to light. I also want to work on exploring other mediums, including photo, video, and personal handwritten journals. I think what I’ve learned most in these five years is that it’s impossible to tell someone how they should do something based on words alone. Inspiration comes from actions, especially selfless ones, and giving people the tools, not just telling them about it. I will continue to write through the Facebook Page, Instagram, and Twitter pages, as well as doing work through The Clymb and other sites, which has opened more doorways than I ever imagined. Thank you to everyone who has given support to the blog over these past four years. I’ll come back to the site when I know I can breathe new life into it.

Thank you,


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