Back to Basics

This is me doing what I love most.

One of my favorite films is a documentary called It Might Get Loud.

The film details three guitarists: Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin, The Edge of U2, and Jack White of The White Stripes, as they tell the story of how they built their musical careers out of the electric guitar.

At one point in the film, there’s one moment that particularly captivated me. Jimmy talks about his time, early in his career, as a session musician, playing for large orchestras, creating jingles or playing for film scores, and he talks about his unhappiness in the creative process. He talks about how he wasn’t creating, he was just interpreting someone else’s idea of music, and the second that he left that world, the violin bow was out and he was creating his own sound.

I have a tale of two careers.

At some point, I thought that life would have held together wonderfully by now. Stable job, my own home, a family, a dog, living the outdoor dream.

Things just don’t work out so easily, do they?

I’ve been in Colorado nearly five years now, and I’m waiting for that moment that my path as a creative writer, as someone who is able to create and maintain their own ideas is about to take off. I don’t want to be beheld to a life lived between four tight walls.

So after a period where I’ve tried to figure out who and where I am in the outdoor industry I am determined to try and give my writing career another try.

2015 and 2016 were banner years for my career. I created some of my best work. Interviews with the likes of Dean Potter, Conrad Anker, and Jimmy Chin, a feature article on the front page of The Clymb for my Carabiner Coffee piece, getting consistent new and exciting work, I reveled in it.

But working a writing job and having a day job were exhausting. I wasn’t taking care of myself. I was coming home from work, and answering to edits, fixing, tooling, and resubmitting, without giving myself space for my own ambitions.

In the years since then I feel like I’ve grown both as a person and an outdoorsman. After my injury, my climbing life ended and my obsessive backcountry ski life began, just clamoring to really express myself through sport. Skiing was like the freedom that I’d never felt before. It still is.


After my latest venture fell in a way that I wasn’t expecting, I’ve decided to get back to basics, get back to the hustle, and really see if we can make this work.

I’ve launched a new site: my personal portfolio, detailing this creative journey that I’m still on, from interviewing my heroes, to getting to geek out on the latest gear and getting to share my adventures and my life as an outdoor writer, just the way that I always imagined it. I want to share this passion and I want the world to know about it and let me bring a part of myself to my creative content creation.

My name is Mike. I’m an outdoor writer. I’m a skier. I’m a content creator. I’m more than sitting still waiting for things to happen, and I want to make things happen.

Let’s work together.

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