I am a climber, adventurer, and writer currently located in Boulder, Colorado. Born in Florida, my love for the mountains have taken me from the Himalayas to the Cascades, my love for culture has taken me throughout Italy, Turkey, and France, and my passion for exploration has guided my blog and my life. I am an ambassador for The North Face, Mountain Standard, and ECCO Outdoor Boots, I’ve published for The Clymb and Sierra Trading Post, and I work for Colorado Wilderness Rides and Guides. I believe that travel and adventure should be accessible to everyone, regardless of geography or income, and a life dedicated to adventure and exploration is a life fulfilled. Do you want to join the adventure with me?

Want to work together? Contact me at restivomichael@gmail.com

All images property of Mike Off The Map. Please do not use without permission.

17 thoughts on “Mike

    1. Thank you! Yours is awesome! The Paris posts are fantastic and I love your humor and sense of storytelling! Next up is Gatlinburg Tennessee next week for some snowboarding and then climbing Mt. Rainier in May 🙂

    1. Thank you! Got to check out your site too! Love the good vibes every day! I live mine as an adventure, you live yours in perpetual happiness, that’s awesome, nice to meet you 🙂

      1. very nice to meet you as well! think you need both in life…..happiness and adventure! last year for national park week, my friends and i checked out crater lake as we headed up to Portland! brrrr! not one our best ideas…cheers!

      2. hmm, not that I know of but i’ll look into it, i’m going camping in the Everglades next week and then i’m headed out to Mt. Rainier next month!

    1. THANK YOU AMES!!!!

      I’m sorry i’ve been off the blogosphere lately, i’ve been working on a ton of other writing projects but i’m getting back to it this week!!! Thank you so much for the support! How’s your shoulder???

      1. hi hi! no problemo! i’ve been on and off on here as well! and, you are most welcome! 😀 the shoulder is coming along. i start rehab soon, so hopefully i’ll be able to sneak in a hike or a trip before summer is out!

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