This post contains NSFW Language. When you start to climb, you are so into the moment, so into the action, and so into the sport that the consequences are merely under you. We push each other to bolder and bolder places and then when we get on something that we consider ‘easy’ we’re so used to […]

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I Summited Rainier

“14,000 ft!” My friend, Mick called back to us as we crossed the upper reaches of the mountain. This was it. This was the moment I’d been waiting over two years for. It was 7:45 AM, we’d been climbing since 12:30, having rustled out of our tents under gray skies at 11:30 the night before. […]

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Breaking The Forbidden Ridge

Today I’m launching into the second part of my four-peak project. Forbidden Peak is one of the crown jewels of North Cascades National Park. An 8,000+ foot wall of ice and stone piercing the sky above the Boston Glacier. It’s everything that a great alpine ascent should be: a glacial approach, a moderate grade but […]

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Starting The Year In Uphill

The echo of my steps reverberated across the trail. I’ve never been able to take running seriously but today I had a steady rhythm, a great pace, arms loose, counting each breath, every single thought of the last few days racing through my mind, and somehow today I was an expert. I broke out of the forest […]

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Winter Preview: GORE-TEX® and The American Alpine Club Get Climbers Excited On New Gear

As the alpinists and ice climbers sharpen their tools and snowboards and skis are waxed, GORE-TEX® in conjunction with the American Alpine Club held a launch event Thursday night in Seattle to showcase how the manufacturers are making winter shells softer, lighter, and more waterproof than ever before. It was a chance to connect with climbers […]

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