Back to Basics

One of my favorite films is a documentary called It Might Get Loud. The film details three guitarists: Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin, The Edge of U2, and Jack White of The White Stripes, as they tell the story of how they built their musical careers out of the electric guitar. At one point in the […]

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25 Days

“You probably won’t be skiing or climbing. You should not be this calm for what you’ve just done.” I sat in the hospital bed, trying to stay jovial, trying to stay calm, and internally destroyed. Those were the words of the doctor who had just seen the x-ray of my destroyed tibia and fibula. That […]

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What’s In A Name?

How do you define your passion? Are you a hiker, climber, skier, and mountaineer? Or do you simply wrap them under “adventurer” and “outdoor enthusiast”? What experience and what at what level of mastery are you allowed to proclaim that title? A few days before Christmas, I was in a Seattle coffee shop with my friend, Beth […]

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Winter Preview: GORE-TEX® and The American Alpine Club Get Climbers Excited On New Gear

As the alpinists and ice climbers sharpen their tools and snowboards and skis are waxed, GORE-TEX® in conjunction with the American Alpine Club held a launch event Thursday night in Seattle to showcase how the manufacturers are making winter shells softer, lighter, and more waterproof than ever before. It was a chance to connect with climbers […]

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